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An Open Letter to Vice Chancellor Of IGNOU

I've left abandoned this blog not intentionally. It was its natural paralysis. As I put a halt to my habit of writing. However, IGNOU's lamentable behavior towards my plea compelled me to take recourse to my ability to write. My ability to point the ridiculously ill-conceived system. More than being able to write was the rush to point towards the rubbish way a person is treated in our government funded institutions. Yes, students are at the mercy of stupid, arbitrary, nepotist, authoritarian, incompetent people who sit at the top of Universities. and Educational Institutes. And to express my disappointment with one such university I wrote directly to its Vice Chancellor, and I shall wait for an age for his reply. 

Dear Prof. Gopinath Pradhan

I write this letter to you with utmost uncertainty whether or not this would be read by you. For all I know is that this email will take several zig zag tour and end in the trash box of an anonymous' employee of IGNOU.

Why anonymous? Please peruse through my letter to get your answer.

I am Faraz Salat. I reside in Mumbai. I am a Journalist, Lecturer, Digital Marketing Professional and an Entrepreneur.

Aside from this it is my MISFORTUNE to be a student of IGNOU! And I feel this vehemently.

So here it goes, I appeared for Diploma in Creative Writing in English in June 2011 and my Enrolment No. is xxxxxxx.

I applied for the convocation certificate and I have now received it. However, I never received my Mark-sheet or Provisional Certificate.

I contacted on ten different numbers since Jan 2012 till May 2012 and I was finally told to send a DD for INR 150 to SED along with an application for a duplicate Mark-sheet.

Funny! a) I din't receive the original copy b) I have to write an application to get a duplicate copy plus I have to pay to the university as well. c) Will the university not accept that it failed to generate or for that matter even dispatch my mark-sheet?

I sent the application and the DD in June 2012, and now we are almost in November. Since I have called on one thousand different numbers to the University. I am appalled at the ridiculously unorganized support system.

How does your system work, have you any idea? Let me help you perceive it...

I give a call on a certain number listed under student support on the university's website, sometimes if I am unlucky the call gets answered. So what am I told then on the call? This will not surprise you, I think this is the prevalent system in our awesome country.
They will give me another number to contact. Pass the buck, and keep passing it till the time the common people lose their hope about any resolution.

Interestingly, the numbers that you have put on your website nobody answers them for months all together. These numbers are forever busy.

LET us look at my miserable experience a little closer.

I explained the situation to my RC MUMBAI. They asked me contact Delhi. So helpful, aren't they?

The Contac Us numbers are just a sham!

I called one hundred times on the numbers 01129535828, and finally as it happens in mythology a God appears after your effort, someone answered my phone. The God who answered my phone was just an Unknown God. He didn't tell me his name or his department even when I stressed that I need to know who I am talking to.

Then I called, upon his guidance, the Bigger God 01129572210. This God too was unknown, interestingly this God is easier to reach - as he answers the phone quickly. However, he is the most unhelpful and the least bothered and incompetent. But all those who sit up above the world so high are often undeserving.

Upon the guidance of a bigger God, I called the Almighty on the number 01129572218. So what now? This is Almighty's number. I called him one thousand times. It would be forever busy. And of-course it has be. Why? He is the Almighty, and 7 billion worried souls are terribly wanting his attention.

So again I called the Bigger God on the number 01129572210, however, disgusting and disappointing was his reply, he said that there is little that he can do.

There is little that anyone can do. I contacted RC MUMBAI, and stressed I want to talk to the DIRECTOR of the RC IGNOU MUMBAI. I am told that the director doesn't talk to anyone over the phone. And that I have to travel and meet him.

Travel! I am busy from Mon to Friday. RC MUMBAI doesn't work on sat and sun. Huh! Funny, I cannot meet him. Obviously you can't meet heavenly people that easily. So I called a certain number to speak directly with the Creator - the biggest, the most powerful that is you the Vice Chancellor of the University. And a certain gentleman answered the phone and asked me to drop an email to and I have done it. This email ID was only given to me when I informed him that out of my sheer frustration about the ride that the employees of Ignou has taken me on, I will send a legal notice to the University.

It pains me to write this letter, obviously, because it's a long letter.

So let me see How you take this forward and reassemble the lost glory of your university's claim that it's a people's university.

FYI: I have also done DNHE from your university and in process of completing MA from IGNOU. Now I am so disturbed I think I should cancel every association I have with IGNOU. I am left helpless, and thus I write this letter and I express regret if the tonality of this letter comes as quite unprecedented and impertinent.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Warm regards,

Faraz Salat


M: 0989xxxxxxx


Faraz Salat said...

Interestingly, few hours after this was shot I got a phone call from Delhi. The Caller said that I should be expecting my marksheet in three to four days.

Faraz Salat said...

So this is how it all happened. I wrote this Open Letter, 200 people viewed it, and I seeded the url on several IGNOU Pages. The result, two days later I have the Marksheet in my hand.

Unknown said...

Hi Faraz,

I have a similar situation like you were I have completed my MCA from IGNOU and I have sent them a request(with the application form along with a draft of 1600 INR) to dispatch my transcript to World Education Services, Canada for Canada express entry.
Its been over 2 months and repeated followups, i haven't got any solution till date.

I stay in Singapore hence its more difficult to get connect with them and anyways they don't even pick up the call. I have tried numerous times and that too ISD but in vain.
Never got an answer.
Also recently sent a RTI Letter but that will take some time before any action could take place.

Could you please let me know what need to be done here as it seems I have to ask my aged Father to go to NEWDELHI and talk to these bunch of useless and incorrigible fellows...
FYI: My parents stay in Kolkata..

Any support will be highly appreciated..and do let me know what I could do to get a speedy response.

Also will be great if we could connect thru whatsapp--
My phone number: +65-91257105

Suvadeep Ghosh

Unknown said...

Please note I completed my MCA in 2005.

Faraz Salat said...

Sorry for the late response, I abandoned this blog for some time. I remember I spoke with the VC's PA over the phone, and I informed them about my intention to petition the court. I think this trick worked for me, and in two days I had the paper in my hand. Since you're in Canada, I don't think they'll courier to you there so soon. What is advisable here is that you ask them to deliver your certificate to your father, subsequently your father can despatch it wherever you'd like.

Regarding RTI, you'll need to be here for that to take any effect. RTI will have a faster impact, however your presence is significant. Also, there is no point in telephoning them. There are a very few numbers that are not put on the website or elsewhere - which are operated by those who can move the requests. I suggest you ask them VC's email, and shoot an email to them, keeping UGC, MHRD in CC. Let me know what happens, there are more ways to get this sorted. You've taken a really long time, though. This could have got sorted quite earlier.

Shouvik said...

Man......ur blog is damn impressive.....hats off 2 u......I was just feeling ha ha ha ha....wenever I was reading any statement in dis blog.....

Shouvik said...

Hi faraz...I have still not received my dnhe diploma certificate and MCom certificate from Ignou. And I myself don't show that qualification anywer. So is it OK...or shud I fight like u.....?

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