Friday, November 2, 2012

Airtel is oblivion about its disheartened loyal customers

I shot this Open Letter to Airtel in the first week of August 2012 when Airtel was celebrating Friendship Day with all unnecessary razzmatazz. However, Airtel has never understood a single letter in the virtue Friendship.

Dear Airtel India

Almost 10 years ago, when you were in your nascent stage, and struggling to ground your feet, I was gifted a new Mobile phone by my Father. Those days to own a NOKIA 3310 was to spot the tag 'I'm affluent'. My Father also gifted me a number with Airtel. I still remember the early ADs that you'd broadcast on TV. The romance, love in the ADs and then indisputably the best Marketing strategy using general concepts like Friendship. 

Governments have changed, Empires have tumbled, People have died, Companies have shut down, and Telecom providers have increased triple fold. I've become a graduate and post graduate. But still I'm with you. Airtel, I'm now to question myself. 
I'm upset with how things have been meted out to me by you and people who you are made up of. 

On this Friendship DAY, Airtel, I'm to sever all my relationship with you. You have hurt me beyond repair. And there is no hope that you will nurse me. Airtel, I wish you could me by good friend forever. Airtel, I wish I could tell you how I want to be with you forever. Airtel, you have failed in returning the value for my loyalty of 10 long years. 

For years I didn't move away from you because my number is now my identity. Now, Although I've option to do MNP, I still looked forward to staying with you. Though, I couldn't resist it anymore. It's torturous. Airtel, my long-cherished friend, this letter would, I know, just come to you as one of letters from those who make complaint. But, my writing this letter is not just a routine. It has come after a long ten years of betrayal. 

I've for years been upset with your Customer Service Advisers. Each time, I called them, they have literally made me feel worthless, useless and a pain. I have often been charged incorrectly, misleadingly - as you have without my consent many times activated value added services. When I called to get a refund, I've been shouted upon and abruptly disconnected. 

Airtel, my friend, your advisers, have made me feel un-welcome. How would a friend for ten long years feel when he appears at the door and you shut the door on his face. This is what I felt each time, and let me tell you, it has been hundreds of times that my call has been abruptly disconnected. Your Customer Service literally sucks blood from my veins. 

I use a BB, and more often than not, I don't get EDGE on my phone. When I call you, Airtel, you don't help me. But you make weird excuses. Implausible explanation. I could have stayed with you Airtel for some more time, but time has come to leave you. You could have been as good a friend as I expected you to be. I was mistaken. 

You have because of your willful neglect lost the custom of a 10 long years customer. You have lost your old friend. 

Thank you for the services that I won't cherish. 

Thank you for the memories that I won't treasure. 

Faraz Salat

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