Saturday, November 3, 2012

I am almost a celebrity

I am almost a celebrity. I walk on the streets with full confidence and look straight in the nothingness. 
I know I am a celebrity. I know I am being watched by a thousand people. I know I am being followed. 
I rush fast to disappear from those places where I see a few people eagerly wanting to meet me. 
I sit like a king and spread both my hands on either side of the hand rest to my couch. 
I know I am ridiculously self obsessed. But I know that there is no harm. 
In this world where you don't find many to love you, mustn't you fall in absolute love with yourself?

I am an ardent lover of myself. 
I run along the sea shore at Juhu Beach, Mumbai. 
Whilst the wind rush through my hair.
I spread my arms to hug the sea. 
My eyes twinkle to welcome the Sepia.
I make new friends wherever I go.
I talk about happiness with a warm smile on my face.
I am almost a celebrity.

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