Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Life of Pi will linger in your senses

Frankly, I don't feel the urge to watch a movie for the second time. But Life of Pi has made things different for me. It lingers in my senses. Its memory is far better than the best cuisines I have had. It delights me while I am staring at nothing. It makes me smile while I am doing just nothing. It doesn't leave my memory easily. Ang Lee makes fantasy look real-life on celluloid. He is a magician and he sucks you deep in the impossible story of a boy, the sea, and a tiger.
In Life of Pi, director Ang Lee creates a wondrous and imaginative world that makes it impossible to take your eyes off the screen. The story happens in a flashback and is narrated by the adult Pi - Irfan Khan. The young Pi is often ridiculed at school because of his real name Piscine. Pi was born as a Hindu, however, his encounter with Hinduism and Christianity led him into practicing multiple religions. A young Pi had Parents who both gave Science more priority than dogma or faith.

Later in the movie Pi’s father tells him that the family must sell their zoo and move to Canada. On the ride over, the ship encounters a horrific storm causing the ship to sink. Because of this scene, I'm compelled to say that Life of Pi has some of the best use of 3D that I have seen. Water is rarely shot in 3D because it is a tricky thing to do, but here it is done marvelously.

Pi survives on a lifeboat. However, as the ship had animals too, a few jumped on his lifeboat. He had a Bengal tiger, who was known as Richard Parker, two veg animals, and one non veg animal (I know they are called herbivorous and carnivorous). The hyena kills the zebra first, and sometime later it kills the orangutan. Immediately after the Tiger dramatically appears from the inside of the boat and kills the hyena.

He made a raft for himself to maintain distance from Richard Parker. In one of the scenes Pi threatens the Tiger to reserve a Big fish for himself, and later he eats that raw fish in his raft.

Life of Pi tries to touch the cliche man-animal love and friendship. However, it takes a sudden upward trajectory in its narrative when Pi has to train Parker so that they both could survive. And also when Pi got the opportunity to kill Parker he pulled back his axe. Before and after the journey, the movie is just an ordinary shit that thousands of Indian Movie Makers do. The movie rises to cinematic excellence only while narrating Pi’s 227 day journey through the middle of the ocean.

Life of Pi is a visual treat. It's fantasy that we could have only imagined. It's magical to see it on reel. If you missed it, you've missed a lot.

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