Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ridiculous 'Gangnam Style' is worth a thinking man's admiration.

However nonsensical Gangnam Style may be, there are yet many good reasons to appreciate it. Yes, it's a ridiculous work but still a valuable one. We are driven with our intellectual delusions that only exceptionalism should be embraced. Rather rejecting Gangnam Style or such phenomena of popular culture, we should welcome them on intellectual grounds.

It revolves around a maddeningly infectious musical (''Oppa Gangnam Style!''). The preposterous phanton-horse-riding dance invites ridicule. Having said that the video is a viral. It has turned the conventions of the Music Business on its head. 

Gangnam style is an audio-visual tweet. Let us not focus on the reason to hate it - we know the criticism and rants on YouTube about the video. Also there is no need to watch the video to the end. We realize instantly that it's goofy, obvious, juvenile. Though we see the video several times we don't watch it to its entirety. The video is made for multiple viewing - because of the absolute goofiness of its pleasure.

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