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The Story of a small town boy who turned big, strong and irresistibly attractive

November, 18, 2012
There are many people who want to make it big. Though a very few really work towards making it. Yasir Khan knows where he wants to be, and he has set himself on the path to make true his dreams. Looking at the pic above little would one guess what we are talking about. Yasir is genial, a gem of a person, and I could say that after my warm conversation with him. 
Contrary to his tough body, his heart is soft, and full of humility. 

I: Give us some background Yasir by telling us about your journey and what drew you to fitness, modeling, body building?

Yasir: Okay, well I was born in Bhopal in India. I started very early, when I was 14 years old. I come from a very simple family. No one has ever done these things what I am doing now. I started Working on my body in a small gym in my area. I was not good at studies those days, but I was into hard core exercise and it's discipline that changed my life. The journey is very long and with lots of ups and downs. I have never thought that I can reach here, but now I believe I have a long way to go.

I: Where do you put yourself - in the sport of bodybuilding or in the glamorous world of modeling?

Yasir: Fitness is my passion, and it was. The only thing I had left in my life, it was kind of a support for me, which made me feel different and gave me a position in my society. I am a hardcore athlete but I never competed in any bodybuilding competition yet, I am practicing to appear in world fitness championship soon. Though I did some work in fitness modeling like the cover page of fitness magazine, MEN'S HEALTH, it's one of the big names. I am a natural athlete so in our country there's no such championships for me. My motive is to inspire as many people as I can in my life. So that they have better life and do hard work to achieve their dreams. When I started nobody helped me in that way, even lots of negativity were there, everyone used to tell me, "it's not possible, it's not for you, you can't do it........and all that" these are the words I hate.

I: Tell us about your diet

Yasir: My diet is strict, but only when I practice really hard, which I do 4 to 6 months in a year. Usually I eat everything and anything like any normal guy..........I make sure what I do anyone can do the same if they just believe in themselves, when I follow a proper diet its followed by 6 to 7 small meals a day, as well as I measure how much protein, carbohydrates, and fats I consume.

I: Tell us about your workout regime?

Yasir: Ahhh!! Man it's really different, its a mix of everything. I do a lot of Cardio......I love to run in the dark, that's the best part of my day when I run almost 10 to 15 km a day in 4 to 5 days a week, then I lift weights in the after noon for 2 hours, its a mix of everything, Plyometrics, Hypertrophy, and lots of stretching.

Me: I live in Mumbai. And most of the gyms these days are full of youngsters. It's not health or fitness that pushes them to hit the gym. It's the idea of looking fit that they are bothered of. In doing this, they take recourse to steroids. Please share your views on this trend?
Yasir: Well, tell me how many people you find have great bodies? I would say very few. Steroid can't give you your dream body. To have a good body is not that easy. Its all about hard work which many people don't understand, in this era its very difficult to follow the basics. If you do the basics then the rest is yours.

I: Okay. We're not getting a fair idea about you. Let us look at your FB Fan following. You have a real good number of likes and comments on most of your photos. Would you not want to take a lucrative profession of modeling - given that you have now all that it takes to be one?

Yasir: Yes, I would love to do modelling. Especially fitness modeling and others, and on FB I just put my real self, real feelings, and real work which all of the people like. I am really amazed that I started very normally and got so many followers on FB. It's just that they truly like what I do.

I: Yasir, who is your role model?

Yasir: Sylvester Stallone is my role model.

I: Tell us about your personal life in UAE presently as compared to what you had in a small town of India.

Yasir: I am working with fitness first one of the biggest gym in UAE, but frankly speaking my life is always the same, no matter where I am, I am always pursuing my dreams and goals.
Luxury has never attracted me, I believe in simple life, and to be focused, one has to live a simple life.
I truly believe that "Progress is not created by contented people".

I: When you look in the mirror, is there a sense of satisfaction? if not, what is the motivational factor?

Yasir: My past is a big motivation for me. When I go to bed after a log tiring day I really feel satisfied because I got up for a reason and followed by that reason the whole day.

I: What do you do for those abs that many people struggle to get?

Yasir: I always say that I wanna be a person the mirror would love to see. It means I would love to see.
I do abs 2 times a week, and follow clean diet that's the only secret for maintaining abs. Its all about your diet.

I: What do you miss about living in India?

Yasir: On the top, my family and friends.

I: Tell us about foods that helped you gain these muscles.

Yasir: Its a combination of 3 things, protein  carbs, and fats. Chicken, paneer, milk, beans, whole wheat, and eggs are best for building muscles.

I: Given the crazy female following you have, how do you feel? Have you from childhood been a twinkling star in the eyes of girls?

Yasir: Ahh! no ways I have been very shy in my childhood, never said anything to any girl, but after realizing my purpose and potential in life I have become confident.

I: You are really young, I think around 22 or 23, where do you think this passion of yours should take you in the next ten years?

Yasir: At the moment I am studying for my American student visa, so I really believe that I am going to do something really big in fitness industry, it can be my own supplement company, a world championship in natural bodybuilding and fitness, these are my future plans at the moment.
I wanna keep on doing this at the world level in the future.

I: While we are doing this interview, there is huge funeral procession in Mumbai of Bal Thackeray. And the entire Nation's media is talking about Thackeray. Are you in touch with what happens here in India. Or you would like to have the remainder of your life away from India?

Yasir: I am very much in touch of my country's condition everyday I am aware of it, I know very well what's going on from the time Balasaheb got admitted in the hospital and till now. I am an intellectual guy, while living abroad. I am studying US history, as it's a part of my course. And about Mumbai, I have lived several years there, so of course I know what's going on there I have many friends and family members out there. I love Mumbai as I have lived there. I have lived in Delhi too for 3 years.

I: How about Bollywood, Indian Television ... would you not prefer to come to Bombay and look for something that could boost your career?

Yasir: Definitely, I would love to work, lately I have got a few offers, but didn't work for them till now. I'm still in touch with people from the industry, let's see if something good turns up. At the moment my full focus is on my fitness and studies.

I: Delhi and Bombay are both very dear to me... I too lived in Delhi for a good long time. By the way, who takes your photographs?

Yasir: Any one who is around me, among my friends and family members. But my friend Adnan takes most of my pictures, which are pretty good.

I: Thank you Yasir, you have been really kind, and I appreciate your gesture to have given your time to reply to my questions.

Yasir: Wooh, anytime brother. Thank you for your time and efforts for making this happen!

Yasir lives in Dubai. He can be contacted on his Facebook Profile

I had a messenger chat with Yasir to know more about his passion. So that he can be best understood, I've put his answers verbatim.

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