Sunday, November 4, 2012

There is no sexiness in 'Radha'.

If 'Shrivision Social Empowerment and Welfare Association' has a legitimate grievance then the mythological figure 'Radha' is devoid of sexiness.

Let us buy that we live in a society where the celebrated characters of our mythology can't be sexy, hot or for that matter arousing. We don't know whether it's sinful to even think on this line but we know we'll be fighting several law suits in different courts across the country if we express it strongly. We are so vulnerable perhaps our Gods are so vulnerable. We and our Gods get hurt every now and then. However ridiculous this sounds but it's true. A criminal case has been registered against Karan Johan, Gauri Khan and other people involved in the film 'Student of the Year'.

So what is this fuss all about? Stream this song from the movie quickly and gauge yourself if it hurts your so-called vulnerable, fragile, decrepit 'religious sentiments'.

Firstly, you can even contest that this song has no relevance to the Majestic Radha. It is just a common name. I urge the NGO to Google 'Radha' with adjectives like sexy, hot, lovely and a few others that I can't mention here. Would they then sue all these blogs, websites? No, they won't. Why?

a) They can't afford it economically
b) Even if they invest in the legal rigmarole (Let us think hypothetically that all the idiots on the lunatic fringe come together to rescue their fantastical 'Radha') there is no media publicity anywhere near to what they have now got.

This NGO is a tiny organism struggling to survive and this is its best move since its birth. So 'Shrivision Social Empowerment and Welfare Association' has managed to receive attention from the law suits against the makers of 'Student of the Year'. Now the onus rest on the court to set up a precedent by crushing such cases as ridiculous and disturbing the social fabric of our society plus projecting us as an intolerant bunch of people. 

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