Friday, November 2, 2012

There Is A Place In Your House That Can Make You Beautiful

There Is A Place In Your House That Can Make You Beautiful

It's all about enjoying your narcissism!
...yes at least on a digital screen. And this will soothe your narcissistic tendency to take one thousand pictures from one thousand angles till you are happy of the outcome. 

It's been now almost a few months since I discovered that when I stand at a particular angle in my balcony and look out through the window, I somehow surprisingly look intensely beautiful. This only happens in the early evening, say between 3pm to 5pm. Ever since I learnt about this secret place, I stand there often with different cameras and mobile phones and click photos from different angles. Fortunately, a few pics do look really good. So I upload them on FB and people ask if I have edited them. To which I look at them with bewilderment. 

So go hunting. And you shall soon run out of disk space in your mobile phone.


Following up with my narcissistic urge to click photos at that very place which makes me beautiful. I get a sense of complacency when I look at these photos. I get satisfaction that I am not what those who see me daily think of me. I get an unrealistic, a fake conclusion about my being good looking, about my being acceptable. These photos make me think of myself what I am not. Somehow the camera plays with the lights and in return gives me what I would love to possess in reality. I would love to be as beautiful as these pics of mine are. So that I could avoid the taunts that many people who possess unkind tongues hurl at me. 

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