Sunday, November 11, 2012

This Diwali, Light a Poor Child's Hope!

This diwali too a lot many people will sleep hungry,
a few will die out of poor healthcare,
some would succumb to diseases out of malnourishment,
and many would search your garbage in their endless struggle to achieve satiety.

Death of poverty is inevitable. Not for long will these tiny, small, rubbish of your society last. They will soon be receded from the glory of your eyesight. And you, the so-called worldly wise person, can walk with your twist gait. These children will die, poverty will soon vanish, poor people will soon become extinct. There will be only rich people like you who will enjoy the good food, the healthy environment.

So how will this happen? The rich would now have this question. It's quite easy - just continue what you're doing. And soon the society, the natural resources, and everything will be yours. Go ahead with your cracker shopping worth thousands of rupees. Burst them in front of those unfortunate who are struggling to survive, fighting with their misfortune. Let them shed tears out of sadness, rage and pain. While they utter a loud cry, you - the rich people, should celebrate. Celebrate. 

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