Monday, July 14, 2014

Understanding the Israel - Palestine conflict

Zionism is a belief that the follower of Judaism should have their own country. The entire geographical area, which includes Israel and Palestine occupied territory (West Bank and Gaza Strip) was under Ottoman (Turkish) rule until world war 1. The British defeated the Ottoman and occupied the area. League of Nations recognised the area as British mandatory area. As Jews were killed through the Europe during World War 2, many jews were through British agreement brought to the British mandatory area. That time this area had 90 percent Arabs and Muslims. After years of migration until the end of World War 2, Jewish rose to a 40 percent. Arabs wanted to have the entire territory, undivided, as Palestine. However, Jews wanted a Jewish nation. United Nations offered to divide the land into two, the present day Israel and Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank) with Jerusalem shared by both of the nations. While Palestine didn’t recognize the division, Israel declared itself a sovereign nation in 1948. Palestine argued that Israel shouldn't not be given the vast lands as jews were only 40 percent and have moved into the territories just recently. Israel said that they had faced holocaust and needed a home country. Also, they argued to have historical relation with the place - as mentioned in their holy book. In 1965 the Arab league attacked Israel, in response Israel occupied the Palestine. Since then the conflict continues. While Israel had received billions of dollars as aid from the US, Europe and Germany (under reparation agreement), Palestine remains at the mercy of ailing Arab empires. Zionists have occupied the territories, which were never theirs. Palestine is resisting the illegal occupation. United Nations doesn't recognise Israel's claim over the Palestine territories and thus consider it as occupied.

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