Thursday, August 14, 2014

Independence isn’t just the rhetoric

The idea of Independence is a weird concept of our mind. Two people can have an understanding of this idea as different as the two ends of a spectrum. Nehru’s Tryst with destiny speech brought an end to the British Raj 68 years ago and might not be as relevant in today’s time. Society is a moving force; it evolves as time goes by. The settings that control such a dynamic force need to keep itself in synch with its members.

The true essence of Independence rests in the virtue of tolerance. However Independent a society is; it would still be a troubled one without this virtue. Tolerance leads to acceptance of differences. Differences are of a variety of nature and variation is the principle of nature. A society devoid of this virtue will be a society riddled with social fissures.

Plurality of thoughts, beliefs, lifestyle, and expressions gives life to a geography that nurtures the second largest population in the world. Such a diverse place can’t be pushed to see through a singular window – a uniform view.  It needs to open itself to the world through different windows and different interpretations – each giving a new understanding about the country and its people.
Independence today doesn’t mean that you’re no longer a subject of an overpowering county. At the very basic level Independence means to me whether I’m free from the evils in the society. Independence is when our women can walk the street without being teased. Independence is when we’ve an environment fruitful for life. Independence is when poverty ceases to exist. Independence is when the forces of majority mix with the weaker sections of our society. Independence is when we can express ourselves freely. Independence is when we drop archaic laws inconsistent with the moving society. Independence is when our people have the right to life beyond animal existence – a right to dignified life. Independence is acceptance, tolerance, togetherness, brotherhood, equality, employment, access to healthcare, and personal safety.

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