Monday, November 24, 2014

From Brown to White, life's routine can be fun!

Last night I stumbled upon a video while checking my Facebook news feed. Usually, I ain't the one who watches videos on FB. However, I accidently viewed it. Then I traced this guy to his FB page Zaid Ali. What next? I pursued him to YouTube. And then for the next 2 hours or so I couldn't keep my eyes off his channel. There are plenty of clips where the sequences detail the lives of the people in the sub continent. It's not this what makes the videos worth watching. It's the absolute simplicity with which our lives are juxtaposed with the people in the west. 

When cultures clash there is comedy of a disproportionate laughter. The ability to see various cultures as an observer is an art. Moreover, what is more interesting is to blend it in a humorous tale. Zaid is, by what I read, a kid, yet there is a level of evolved maturity in his videos. The marriage of two cultures can be funny.  

Lately I started following this kid on Instagram who goes by the name baz__dxb. Unlike Zaid, he doesn't compare cultures but he brings comedy on the surface of ordinary mundane activities of life. 

While checking for more profiles in the same ilk, I realised there are many such trolls with great numbers in thier following count. To sum it up, if you wanna be one of them, there are two things you need to have; (a) natural inclination towards good acting and (b) a cute boyish face. 

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