Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Unrequited love

Crawling back to the nonexistent you
Like the unrequited love — on the pages of prose and poetry.
I let you go as I’ve to go
Wallpaper says I’ve miles to go before I sleep
Yes, Frost says I have miles to go before I sleep.

I saw colors when I saw you
Crimson red spoke through eyes and smiles
Shut the eyes, clear my heart, let black be my color now
You can be quiet as it has all.
Ah! here comes the rain treading through the tranquil night
Grieving as though I’ve asked for it.
I give away my fears for I wanted to be with you again
The puddles are pooling in and around me.
And I’m crawling back to the nonexistent you
Like the unrequited love — on the pages of prose and poetry.
Author's note: ‘Neeraja’ that is how I’d love to be called. When I’m not daydreaming, I’ve a job of walking through the corporate corridors as a communication personnel and I’m armored with a laptop around my neck and a patient look on my face, the latter I can’t guarantee you all the time.
I live online most of the time. When I’m not, you can find me in Bangalore.  Though I have a fabulous virtual network, there’s nothing like a good conversation over a cup of coffee. So here I’m a lover of people and words. I’m dangerously attracted to wit and charisma, but I’m not dangerous to health.
I write because it’s liberating and I breathe in my definition of power that is — when mixed with the right amount of intellect is a time bomb. So currently, pursuing a long-term course on how to take complete charge of it in life.
If you want to know more about me, my best friend Google shall help you around. I’m leaving you with the keyword ‘Rani Neeraja Bhaskar’. Don’t forget to press the key ‘Enter.’ Happy reading.
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