Monday, June 8, 2015

Ten days without a smartphone

After a tiring day's work, when I retire to my bed, I hope to catch a comforting sleep quickly. I move a soft cotton sheet over me and dig my face into a foamy pillow. Soon, with a slight smile, I fade into the wilderness and unpredictability of dreams. I wish this were true!

With the various apps available in android's free market, there is little left to do in a world beyond smartphones. From ordering a pizza on Food Panda, searching a nearby restaurant on Zomato, shopping on Myntra, incessant social feeds, Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Twitter and so many such apps that constantly demand time - that time which you could use towards your daily exercise, pursuing a hobby, or education.

I'm now without a smart phone for the last ten days. I didn't choose it on purpose, my phone needs to be serviced and I didn't get a replacement in the interim. Since the time I'm without a smartphone, there are a few changes that I've observed in my routine, which I had struggled to develop over the last 2 years and failed. I go to sleep as soon as I'm on my bed. I've joined a gym, and can easily put 30 minutes to 1 hour towards workout. I find myself with so much free time that I've now decided to do some interior changes in my house. I've also got rid of my cervical pain due to postural adjustment that I'd make while using the phone lying on the bed for hours, sometimes the whole day on a holiday. I can recollect of the exhaustion and headache I'd feel when the only thing through the day I had done was to slide my index finger on the screen and become a party to never-ending chats. I feel good that I've now been excused from the unsolicited WhatsApp forward messages and constant notifications. My replacement phone now serves only two purposes i.e voice and SMS. I check my emails on my laptop and spend some time surfing the net. I find this routine more organised, but this change is not in sync with the fast moving world; in this world a smartphone is no more a luxury but a necessity and they're here to become smarter, perhaps our grandparents enjoyed a better quality of life. 

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