Sunday, October 4, 2015

A pregnant man

Huge bellies hanging on the torso is a common place in most of the metro cities of India. These men are poorly nourished. They are ordinary low to moderate income people, unlike the assumption that the middle and upper middle income group are often exploited by the fast food chains. These men develop an alarming amount of visceral fat. Fat that engulfs their intestines; when you make a deep incision on their stomach, you'll see long thick threads of fat that wrap their internal organs. Indian society is in a nutritional crisis. We're taught about what we must not eat before we are even taught of what we should eat. Religious conventions on food overpowers the essentials and science of nutrition. There is a rising demand of nutritional programmes in villages, cities and even on streets of our country. Eateries should be encouraged to stock healthy foods. I've personally been in a dilemma on what to eat when I'm in a mall. The mall culture has spoilt the health of millions. If you're on a healthy diet, you'll perhaps starve; since everything in malls is unhealthy.

We're not talking about men who afford luxury, and don't need to struggle through public transport. These are men who sit at the shops, men who work in IT and related services, they make our nation's workforce; this workforce is on the verge of becoming poorly nourished. We've the highest number of diabetes patients in the world, and this is due to an alarming change in the nation's nutritional pattern. The lackadaisical approach towards nutritional education, policies, and programmes are all the reasons that have resulted in this situation. 

THE government that sits at the helm must take effort in disseminating information on healthy eating habits, and creating arrangement for availability of nutritious and  healthy food. However, the lawmakers are more concerned about giving force to an undemocratic ban. Right to food, not mere that food which fills your stomach, but healthy and nutritious foods is a fundamental right. 

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